Brew Day – The Spruce is Loose

This is a recipe that I was inspired to create following a tasting at Craggy Brewing (now closed) in Asheville, North Carolina during my honeymoon in May 2012.  It had a very strong spruce flavor and aroma that no one except for my wife, Hillary, seemed to enjoy.  I didn’t really give too much thought to brewing one myself because I had no idea where to obtain the spruce.

A few years later while reading up on beer recipes on various internet forums, I came across recipes for spruce beer that also linked to a vendor, Spruce On Tap. A four ounce package of spruce tips for $16 seemed like a good opportunity to try something new. And thus began: The Spruce is Loose.  Continue reading

Brew Day – Panty Dropper Kölsch

We’ve had a serious heat wave going on for the past few days here in North Carolina. I had meant to brew last weekend but was distracted by a quick trip to Kitty Hawk with some friends. Despite the record-setting heat (105°!), the wife was demanding that her favorite Panty Dropper Kölsch be on tap this summer and you know I can’t say no to my wife. If she demands the Panty Dropper, she will have the Panty Dropper! Continue reading

Brew Day – Vienna Lager

November 6, 2011 was a beautiful, sunny day to do some brewing. It was one of those fall days where the breeze was cool and crisp but the sun still held hints of summer.; a shorts with a long sleeved t-shirt kind of day.

I spent the afternoon brewing up a vienna lager. According to BeerAdvocate, a traditional Vienna lager is brewed using a three step decoction boiling process. Munich, Pilsner, Vienna toasted and dextrin malts are used, as well wheat in some cases. Subtle hops, crisp, with residual sweetness. Although German in origin and rare these days, some classic examples come from Mexico, such as: Dos Equis and Negra Modelo. A result of late 19th century immigrant brewers from Austria. Continue reading