Homebrewed Beers

I try to brew as many beers as I can drink/share over the course of the year. I tend to excel at lagers, including kölsch, bock, light American, and Vienna styles. However, I do try to experiment with ales, fruit, and specialty beers when the mood strikes.

I have a three keg keezer that I use to carbonate and dispense my beers. Usually, all three kegs are full of something good. Before my beers are placed on draft, they have ferment and sometimes lager. I’m always planning out my next brew day and try to keep tabs on all of the beers I’ve made in the past. Want to know what’s happening in the garage? Check out the list below. Embedded links will take you to blog pages, recipes, and reviews of each beer. This list is always being updated, so come by often!

Beers on Draft


  • None currently


  • Southern Cross, a New Zealand-hopped pale ale

Coming up Next

  • A kölsch of some sort…maybe a raspberry kölsch?

Beers of the Past

  • American Amber Ale – APA – NHC 2013 Winner Recipe
  • American Wheat – April 2010 Brew Day Blog Post and Taste Test 
  • Bo Pils – Bohemian Pilsner
  • Bock – Classic bock recipe
  • Fortunate Island Clone – Clone Recipe for a wheat IPA
  • IPA Time! – American IPA
  • Light America Lager
  • Roggenbier – German Rye Beer
  • Spring Time Hefe – Hefeweizen
  • Summer Kölsch – Kölsch. I’ve made this several times and it’s always fantastic. AKA the Panty Dropper. June 2012 Brew Day Blog Post
  • Summer Saison – Saison
  • Vienna Lager – November 2011 Brew Day Blog Post

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