Meet the Homebrewer: Paul Goodell

IMG_2070I (Paul Goodell) began homebrewing after my girlfriend (now wife) Hillary gifted me a Cooper’s kit for Christmas 2007.  After using my friends as taste test guinea pigs and getting good reviews, I knew I had to try making beer again.

In Fall 2008, Hillary & I packed up everything and moved from New York to North Carolina.  It was in North Carolina where I really started getting serious about home brewing. When we bought our house in Summer 2009, I moved the brewing set up in to our garage and unofficially started Goodell Brewing Company.

Homebrewing has quickly grown into a serious hobby and a major part of my life. Hillary and I recently transformed my simple, unassuming chest freezer into a three-tap Keezer and it’s amazing. Being able to walk out to my garage and pour myself a cold homebrew after a long work week is a dream come true.

Is there a future to Goodell Brewing Company? Not in a commercial sense unless we win the lottery. But my beers keep improving and I’m starting to get more involved with the local homebrewing community. Judging homebrew competitions has also become an interest of mine.

In February 2013, I became a Recognized Beer Judge per the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). Since then, I’ve helped judge several competitions in North Carolina to earn points toward my judging experience. In October 2013, I had earned enough experience points to move up the ranks to a Certified Beer Judge. Now isn’t that a cool title? Wonder if I can put that on my resume…

I just love beer. I love the history, the variety, the community, and the art of brewing. This blog doesn’t really serve a purpose other than to document my beer love. Thanks for visiting.


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