We’ve updated the website!

I have neglected this website for way too long.  Trust me, I have been much more active in the homebrewery than this site suggests. Take a look around, and you’ll see I’ve started to update the Goodell Beers page with a list of current and past brews. I’m also going to try to start taking photos during my brew days to post along with a blog update. The most exciting change to the website, however, is the newly added Awards and Recognitions page. Seriously. I’ve won enough awards to justify a list on this website. That’s a crazy good feeling.

I’ve been quite busy in the garage these past few months so keep an eye out for new blogs. I hope to write about and post photos from some recent events and brew days. In fact, there’s a lovely Vienna Lager simmering on the burner as I type.

I think I’m gonna need a bigger pot…

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