Homebrew Taste Test: American Wheat

A little over a month ago I brewed up a batch of Kent’s Hollow Leg American Wheat.   This beer aimed to be a crisp, wheaty, super-drinkable brew that Hillary could enjoy on the patio after a long day at work.  After 2 weeks spent in the primary fermenter and 2 more weeks in bottles, we decided to crack one of these babies open to see how things were progressing.

Our first reaction: eeehhhhh it’s oookkkkk…

The beer is good.  It’s definitely drinkable.  It’s a beautiful golden straw color with a thick, white, cloud-like head.  Its citrus aroma carries when poured into a glass.

But it’s not great.  My lack of excitement about this beer is a result of two things.  One, I like hoppy beers.  This beer (and all wheat beers by style) is not hoppy so I’m not going to love it like I do pale ales.  Two, it’s a tad over carbonated.  I probably should have left this beer in primary fermentation for another week before bottling.  Lesson learned.

I’ll let this batch sit in the bottles for another week before I give it another go.  After only 4 weeks, this beer is probably still green and another week or two sitting in bottles will help it develop.  But hey, if anyone is interested in tasting Goodell Brewing Co.’s American Wheat, stop on by the garage for a bottle or two and let us know what you think!

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